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March 2013 Art Autopsy: The One Year Anniversary

Art Autopsy Hyaena Gallery 2013

Clint Carney incorporated 37 submissions into one inconceivable blob for his one year anniversary Art Autopsy painting.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year of Hyaena Gallery hosting Art Autopsy. Together with artist and musician, Clint Carney, Hyaena Gallery has been hosting a live art event once a month on Wednesday nights. The event draws a mix of artists and art supporters. The artists set up with their preferred mediums at tables around the gallery while non-artists mingle around. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see how each artist works, to ask them questions and to get to know the people behind the canvas and sculptures.

Art Autopsy Hyaena Gallery 2013

Wanting to be topical, Jeremy Cross began the evening by painting a charming portrait of the Pope. Dienzo shared his table.

Art Autopsy, Bill Shafer, Hyaena Gallery

Jeremy shows off the Pope portrait. Bill Shafer is frustrated that he missed out on being the next Pope. I stole this picture from the Art Autopsy Facebook Group.

I attended as many Art Autopsies as I could over the last year — more than half of them anyway — and the one year anniversary party on the night of March 13 was one of the best. Surrounded by the backdrop of Larkin’s wonderfully vile paintings, we gathered for an evening of art and teasing conversation.

Hyaena Gallery

from left, Matthew LeVin, Sean Andress and Nikki Sixx making art at the beginning of Art Autopsy.

Many of the regulars and previous attendants showed up, including sculptor Matthew LeVin, painter Jeremy Cross, painter Sean Andress, Nikki Sixx, and crafter Julie B. (Bossinger). Illustrator Kat Philbin made an appearance. Thrillingly, Dienzo was the evening’s “special guest.”

I’ve been friends with Dienzo for a couple of years now, but this was my first opportunity to watch him work. It was an exceptional treat! He paints exuberantly (I’m teasing a little here. Bill Shafer pointed out how delighted Dienzo seems as he sweeps his brush over his canvas and Dienzo mimed happy elf painting gestures) in very thin layers.

Dienzo is exploring a slightly different direction in his big-eyed portraits at the moment. Besides transitioning into oil painting instead of acrylics, his subject matter has shifted from imaginary children into iconic adult portraits. Inspired at the moment by adult actors and actresses, Dienzo brought a reference photo with him of actress Monica Belluci that he had manipulated in Photoshop to accentuate the size of the head and facial features, giving the portrait a decidedly Dienzo flavor. I really like it when artists with a distinctive and practiced style explore new areas. I also got a sneak peak of a portrait Dienzo will be showing at Last Rites Gallery in May as part of a zombie show curated by Travis Louie, and it’s brilliant, very humorous. So I’m excited to see where Dienzo takes this new direction.

Hyaena Gallery Art Autopsy 2013

Dienzo spent the evening working on this stylized portrait inspired by Monica Belluci. To the left is the reference photo he manipulated in Photoshop. To the right is his oil on canvas

To help make the one year anniversary stand out, Clint opened up the subject matter of his painting to his Facebook followers. After asking them what they would like to see him paint, he took 37 suggestions, fed them into Photoshop, and created a blob of agony and perversion on canvas. The idea vomit is very trippy.

Art Autopsy

Clint didn’t finish his painting. I stole this picture from the Art Autopsy Facebook Group to give you all an insta-headache! ¬†Also, even though Clint told me multiple times that it isn’t, I’m sure that the man on the finger in the upper left corner is Mr. T.

Art Autopsy, Hyaena Gallery, 2013

Bill Shafer, left and Brian Bubonic holding down the fort.

Another thing that was new for the one year anniversary, the event streamed live over the internet on Live Stream. Using his iPhone, Clint made it possible for people to be part of the event who weren’t even at Hyaena. It was pretty cool. People were commenting and asking questions about what was happening on the Live Stream site and we talked right back at them. While the iPhone was usually aimed over Clint’s shoulder to show his painting, we all took a turn carrying it around the room.

Hyaena  Gallery Art Autopsy

Jeremy Cross and Dienzo painting

The Live Stream aspect was also a bit nerve-wracking at times for those of us in the Gallery who aren’t used to a wider audience at Art Autopsy and tend to blurt things out uncensored, about people we know, errrr. Along with other people in the back corner (Dienzo and Jeremy Cross) I didn’t exactly realize that my voice was being picked up by the little iPhone microphone several feet away, and I was my usual crass, gossipy little self.

Unfortunately for those of you who missed the live feed, Brian Bubonic accidentally deleted the archive (thank you Brian! Love you always!) so only the tail end of the event remains up. But the experiment was a definite success and will most likely be repeated next month, possibly with additional streams set up to capture more than one artist working at a time. No corner of the Gallery will be safe!

watercolors, Art Autopsy

Jeremy Cross and I collaborated on this masterpiece. He drew the face and then I filled in the watercolors. He taught me everything I know.

The combination of the live feed, and the giddiness of the one year anniversary, made for a contagious energy in the Gallery. I for one, can’t wait for next month.

The April 2013 Art Autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 at 7pm. I hope you’ll join us, in person or online. Visit Hyaena Gallery’s website for more information and follow Clint Carney on Live Stream.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Happy Anniversary Autopsy- looks like a great time was had by all. I like the painting Dienzo was working on but then I have liked his work since first I saw it. The autopsies seem like a great way to creep a little way into the world of craziness you all inhabit when one can not actually attend. Thank you all for giving Dahlia so much fascinating material to steal and write about. Definitely think that Jeremy Cross and Dahlia have a future as the next fearsome twosome of the art world.

  2. anna says:

    Love the idea for a live feed. Definitely hope to catch it next time. Eventually when I get my bum back out to LA, I want to visit the hyena gallery! Thanks to Dahlia for getting the word out–all the way to the East coast–about this cool event!

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