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Conceptual Skull Chairs

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
Remember that thou shalt die chair

This Remember That Thou Shalt Die chair, by French design firm Pool, premiered at the New Wave display at the 2011 Milan Design Week. I love it. Its a sleek and weird alternative to standard plastic lawn furniture.

Skulls are pretty much my favorite thing and I like to sneak them into my attire and surroundings as much as possible. Usually this means smaller pieces, but I’ve been noticing more designers offering statement pieces for the home, such as chairs, that feature skulls in a big way. I’m afraid if you want to actually buy any of these chairs you’ll have to contact the designers for more information and pricing.

I found this chair in Canadian Deviant artist Bokusenshi's gallery. It seems to have been made in 2010 out of wood fences. This is so cool! I would love to see it painted a high-sheen black. My favorite part are the armrests

This Skull Chair (2008) is part of the Vanitas collection by Vladi Rapaport. It's made of wood, polyester and glass-fiber and also comes in a warm brown color.

The Sensory Deprivation Skull chair (2007) by Dutch firm Atelier Van Lieshout


Customize your Boots with Straps and Attachments

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I’m a custom freak. I love wearing something that I know no one else is going to have and bootstraps and heel attachments are a great way to insure that your shoes are one of a kind. From spikes, to skulls to chains to bats, these shoe accessories will make your boots stand out from the crowd.

I need these Biker Boots Boot Chains Black Leather with Skull & Crossbones Ornaments on Amazon for $27.95

TOL International has lots of spiky leather bootstraps like these Assorted Spikes for $23.99

BAD ASS Black Leather Iron Cross Boot Chains Bootstraps for $32.99 from Ebay seller socialnicole

Black Rose UK has many punk bootstraps including these Saber Tooth Bootstraps for £25

I'm tempted by both Pennangalan's Rubber Spike Victim Attachments and Rubber Bat Heel Attachments £26.90 each pair

Women Spike Boot Strap from Trash and Vaudeville for $19

Litter SF has several pieces of shoe jewelry including Catwalk (left) and Walk the Plank (right) both normally $98 but on sale now for $73.50


Q&A with Digital Artist Paul McCarroll

Monday, June 13th, 2011

The Fixers Delusion

Lyrics from extreme punk metal band Scald’s song Non Selective say, “Necessary agony to reveal hidden creativity. Dig deeper into the bleak recesses of the mind. Sicken the selective eyes. Fuck the corroding minds.”  These words could easily apply to Scald drummer Paul McCarroll’s grotesque digital paintings.  Working in Northern Ireland, Paul’s disturbing images seem drawn out of a hellish oblivion.  Contorted bodies with ghastly expressions, discolored flesh and seeping wounds confront the viewer with primal anguish.  Themes of religious iconography, dissection and fecundity repeatedly appear in alarming contexts. His work feels simultaneously old and fresh. I was dying to know more about the twisted mind behind the hardcore art, so I was thrilled that Paul took the time to answer some questions.

What do you hope to accomplish or express through your art?

Never really thought about what I want to accomplish, it’s more of a need to produce. It would of course be nice if I could make a living from it so I could spend more time producing art. Expression? Hard to sum that up, I go off in many directions but I guess it’s generally about the negative aspects of existence. I’m not without humour but I’m not inspired to make happy or whimsical art.

The Vivisectionist Wedding

Why do you paint digitally instead of traditional paint on canvas?

I used to use paint and I still make analogue parts for digital work, in fact I hope to be working around 50/ 50 paint and digital soon.
 Working digitally helps in many ways, especially when doing mostly commission for cd’s and things.  It’s easier to change work and to instantly communicate the work, I don’t need tons of materials, it doesn’t need to be photographed and I can drop in and out of it quickly. It does have a stigma though, it’s the new outsider art.


paul mccarroll

Hypergenome666: Anti-pope fertilisation

What do you like about the dark and macabre aesthetic?

I can’t actually answer that, isn’t that strange? I’ve always liked the darker side of things, never contemplated why.

Are you trying to shock the viewer?

Occasionally, shock is a good tool to bang home a message, but not always in a sick way, sometimes just putting things in the wrong context can mess with peoples heads.

The Candidate

The Candidate caught my eye.  What can you tell me about that piece?

It’s about politics and self interest.

Do you prefer collaborative, commissioned projects or those you make for yourself?

It depends, generally I’d say my own personal work as I can just go in any direction I want without needing to keep within any relevant agenda. But sometimes with commissioned work I get almost total freedom and I’m able to develop work that needs to be relevant to the client but I can easily work in my own perspective. Sometimes it’s jut a great learning aid to be faced with problems that clients can give you.

paul mccarroll


Whose work do you admire?

Many, many artists, too many. But I’d say top of the list is Zdzisław Beksiński.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

I don’t. I don’t care to be told when to celebrate this or that or how or why. I’m a real fucking stick in the mud aren’t I? haha.

Thank you so much to Paul for answering my questions!  Paul’s work absolutely embodies the punk spirit. To see more visit his website.  A 170 page hardcover book of Paul’s art entitled, Animus Unhinged, is available here.



Fifth World Premiere Dahlia Illustration

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Teenage artist SpunkyFreakster creates adorably wrong, savage, freaky girls.  I’m so thrilled with her depiction of Dahlia Jane!  I love the wild straps and long sleeves of the straight jacket, the characteristic messy hair, the boots and hollow eyes rimmed in copious eyeliner.  And the curlicue, scratched background reminds me of a Tim Burton piece.  What do you think?  Hug this Dahlia or run for the hills?  Those are pretty sharp teeth she has…

Thank you so much to SpunkyFreakster!  To see more of SpunkyFreakster’s wicked illustrations, visit her Deviant Art page.


Buy Toxic Toons Now or Else

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Eric Pigors (center) and his wife Denise at the 2011 Bats Day Black Market

I don’t scare easily.  And I usually delight at the prickly chills accompanying the horrific.  But when I discovered that one of my friends and favorite artists had a major health scare a little over a week ago I was shaken in a very bad way.  As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, the fiendishly talented Eric Pigors had a heart attack a little over a week ago and was rushed into surgery.  His heart was clogged and even stopped beating and he had to be reanimated on the table.  The dark art, lowbrow community would be a lot less fun without Eric’s ghastly, twisted designs. He’s not only one of the most prolific artists I know, he also has the biggest heart.  He’s never once filed a restraining order against me even after numerous kidnapping attempts.

Anyway, the procedures that saved Eric’s life are crazy expensive.  He’s drowning in medical bills and he needs our help.  This is serious.  If Eric cannot raise some major funds he may not be able to keep coming out with new designs or print his next book.  This cannot happen!  Don’t make me come after all of you and beat the money out of you.  I’m chronically poor too, but you can get a high-quality Toxic Toons print or t-shirt for just $20, less than you’d spend on a shirt at the Gap or Hot Topic and worlds cooler.

There are some great specials on the Toxic Toons site now.  Spend $20 (1 shirt or print) and get 1 FREE Fiend Injected cd mix Eric made of some of his favorite spooky surf, hot rod, bands. Spend $40, (2 shirts, 3 book deal, 3 prints or anything else totaling $40) and get the cd & signed Fiend Injected print.

Limited Edition Fiend Injected t-shirt $20

Over 250 pages of insane art, stickers and a poster for just $40!!!

Frankenstein USA, perfect to scare the kiddies at your local July 4 fireworks shindig, $20

A Haunting Melody, Print #70, $20

Original Cannibal Soup Drawing available for $225

Girls and Corpses t-shirt $20

If you do not help support Eric I will track you all down through your IP addresses and cause you unimaginable suffering.  I’m serious as a heart attack.  Give Toxic Toons for Father’s Day!  If you want to find out where to send Eric a card, email me at


2nd Annual Tribute to the Haunted Mansion Art Show

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Queenie (left) and Dahlia Jane in front of Queenie's painting, "As long as we BOTH shall live" of the Attic Bride. The colors in the painting are beautiful and I love the hand opening the coffin. There's also a hidden Mickey head on the coffin.

Saturday June 4 was the opening night for Halloween Town’s Parlour Gallery’s 2nd Annual Tribute to the Haunted Mansion Group Art Show.  Halloween Town assembled a fabulous roster of about twenty dark artists with different styles to re-imagine scenes and characters from the classic ride. I had so much fun visiting with everybody and reminiscing about early experiences of the Haunted Mansion.  It’s amazing how deeply influential the ride has been upon many of us in the creepy community.

Bob Lizarraga in front of his two stretching portrait parody pieces, "Waltsicle" featuring a Walt Disney in a Cryogenic tank and my favorite, "Ally Gal."

Bob Lizarraga's Ally Gal is such a clever take on the original Tightrope Girl stretching painting from the Mansion. I can't help but smile at the girls chomping teeth and the alligator's expression and posture. Very clever!

This is my favorite piece in the show, Dienzo's "Hitchhiking Ghost." I lit up when I saw it. Dienzo's younger son Lorenzo served as the model for the little twin boys who are dressed alike just like Dienzo and his own brother (not twins) used to be. The translucent ghost looks so so cool. Dienzo also hand carved the frame from wood using a scroll saw and dremel.

Hanging out with Chris the Creep and Dienzo

Chris the Creep stands in front of his painting "Death of Animation." The gravestone says RIP 2-D. I love the teeth on the Mickey Skull and Mickey's arm coming out of the ground. The frame on this piece is also beautiful and was made by Chris' father from Chris' design.

My friend, the incredibly talented Eric Pigors, suffered a heart attack last weekend and was unable to attend the opening of the show. We missed him and wish him a speedy recovery. I cannot imagine the dark art scene without him. From top left, "We've Been Dying to Meet You" colored print and original Pen and Ink drawing and "The Mad Organists Haunting Melody"

Hideousboi stands with his sculpture of "The Caretaker." The detail on this piece is perfection.

brian boskin

"Sunset at the Mansion" by Brian Boskin was painted from a photo taken at the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, which I think is now the Tarzan Tree House actually, looking down at the mansion.

Halloween Town is a Halloween store open year round in Burbank, California. For more information, visit Halloween Town’s website.



Jewelry by theBEAline on Etsy seller

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Sinner Cross Single Silver Earring for $30 ($60 for pair)

Los Angeles jewelry designer Megan Bea has created this collection of quirky jewelry with a hint of the blasphemous.  I love the bold designs that advertise a devil-may care attitude.  The jewelry is made to order.


Crown of Thorns Bracelet for $80 (also available as hoop earrings)

Bloody Crucifiction Necklace for $90

Horror two finger signature silver ring for $120

Repent two finger silver ring for $160

To see more or to buy, visit theBEAline Etsy shop.

So I’m outta here for a few days, but I’ll be back with more dreary coverage on Monday.  Ta!