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Thursday, December 18, 2014 03:25

The Grotesque Group Art Show at Modern Eden in SF

Jaclyn Alderete

Heterotrophic Harmony by Jaclyn Alderete, $800.  I had to look this word, Heterotrophic, up.  It refers to an organism that cannot make its own food, but must consume organic carbon from organisms that do make their own food.  Mushrooms (fungi) are heterotrophic.  In the painting above I see mushrooms devouring a human organism.  I love it!  I’m reminded of an episode of Hannibal last year where mushrooms were eating diabetics alive.  I’m crazy about the sickly skin tone and the oblivion in the portrayed subject’s eyes.

I am so excited about the show currently up at San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery entitled, Grotesque.  The art in this group show lives up to its twisted name.

I knew the contemporary meaning of the word grotesque as it refers to distorted, macabre, gross things.  I did not know that it also refers to a style of art that incorporates blended human, animal and flower forms.  I think artists exploited both meanings of Grotesque very well in this show to create some provocative and sensational pieces.

The show opened on March 8 and runs through the 22.  Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to see it in person.  But there are several artists in this group whose work I’m unfamiliar with and will be looking into (possibly stalking).  It’s so thrilling to find a group show presenting dark art in a city other than New York or Los Angeles with such a high caliber of quality and originality.  I feel refreshed by all the perversions of nature!

Matthew Robertson painting

The Madness of Bobby Birdman by Matthew Robertson, $500.  I’m not normally a fan of painting drawing collage like this, but I think it’s really effective in disorienting the viewer in this piece.

Jessica L. Dalva

Chimera by Jessica L. Dalva, $800.  The red swellings around the joints are especially poignant.  This sculpture is a seriously cool interpretation of the mythical Chimera beast.  I wish I could see the face closer because I think the eyes are whited out and the expression is creepy.


The Ursury of God by Mandem, $4200.  I love everything about this painting from the cyborg nursing mechanism to the child on the right side’s gaze to the skin condition and the shroud.  Gorgeous!

The Organist by Caitlin T. McCormack

The Organist by Caitlin T. McCormack, sold.  I don’t know what the medium was here (crochet?), but the effect is great.

False Assumption by Lara Dan, $600

False Assumption by Lara Dan, $600.  The arms rising up out of the brows to pull up the hair are intense.  It’s rare to see a painting done in pastels with butterflies and flowers in the background achieve a haunting, sinister tone.

Sphinx by Terry Ribera, $1800

Sphinx by Terry Ribera, $1800.  The shading effects in this painting are really well done and I love the use of color.  The many pieces (paws, wings, tentacles) all mesh in a fluid and flawless way.

For more information and to see previews of the additional work on display, visit Modern Eden’s website.  Don’t you just love this show!


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  1. Barbara says:

    Excellent. I love the first painting and the organist piece. Agree with your statement that this is high quality work and its great to see. Maybe one or more of the galleries in LA will mount a similar show and you will then be able to go.

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