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Saturday, December 20, 2014 08:42

Halloween Offerings from Pottery Barn

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to my readers that I am not a frequent Pottery Barn customer.  But when my dad sent me a link to the above picture which was featured on a Blog we both like, Catalog Living, I immediately wanted my own vase filled with skulls.  Dead things are pretty much the only thing I can keep in vases.  I have an atrocious history with houseplants.  (sidenote: Catalog Living features Catalog snapshots accompanied by snarky commentary from a Second City vet, I highly recommend it).   Anyway, my dad traced the picture back to Pottery Barn (isn’t it great when other people do your work for you?).   To recreate that look, Pottery Barn is selling Mini Skull Fillers, $24 for 6 and 3 ounces of Dead Spanish Moss for $9.  They also sell lots of clear glass vases which are just dying to be filled with dead things.  It turns out Pottery Barn has a good selection of Halloween decorations at a reasonable price.

Halloween Etched Recipe Cocktail Shaker has recipes for four Halloween-themed cocktails on it for $19

Pour your newly shaken cocktail into one of these Bone Martini glasses. A set of 4 is $36

WANT! Skeleton Hand Condiment Set for $49

I especially like this display, and I've been wanting a few Glass Cloches. I never thought of putting books in them before though, that looks really cool. The Glass Cloche is available for $69. The spiders come in 2 sizes starting at $24. The tombstone candle is $8.

To see the rest of Pottery Barn’s Halloween decor, check out their website.


3 Responses to “Halloween Offerings from Pottery Barn”

  1. Blepharoptosis says:

    I never would have guessed that Pottery Barn would have cool Halloween stuff like this at a reasonable price. I’m really surprised.

  2. barbara says:

    So Blepharoptosis stole my first thought- never would have given Pottery Barn credit for such desirable decorations. The skulls seems like a must have for you.

  3. [...] Last year I was stunned at the quantity and quality of Halloween decorations available on Pottery Barn’s website. I don’t have anything against Pottery Barn, it’s just not a place I shop. Well, it wasn’t a fluke. They’ve put out another line of drool-worthy Halloween decorations for the 2012 season. [...]

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