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Saturday, December 20, 2014 09:26

Have a Psycho Halloween

Norman Bates, a face only a mother could love? Hardly, Dahlia Jane has a massive crush on this necrophiliac mama’s boy who kills to protect the most important relationship in his life.  He’s such a gentle and romantic soul.

Psycho is one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite directors.  So it’s about time I did a post of costumes and decorations inspired by the film.

Costumes, Apparel, Accessories

To do Norman Bates when he’s feeling like himself, you just need a pair of khakis, a button down collared shirt, and either a black mock turtle neck or a brown or gray tweeded sports coat to go over it.  But for a scarier Norman Bates costume, I’d go for Norman channeling his beloved mom…

Psycho the Movie Mother’s Dress Adult Halloween Costume Size X-Large (XL) one-size fits all through Amazon for $29.23.

The Vermont Country Store has a great selection of granny-style nightgowns that would be perfect for a Mother Bates Costume or prop. This is the Pastel Flannel Gown for $34.95.

Rubie’s Costume Co Mrs. Santa Wig, Gray, One Size through Amazon for $10.50

Knife with classic horror sound effects on sale from Haunted Props for $12.77.

This awesome Bates Motel vintage inspired keychain is exclusive to Pin Up Girl Clothing. Unfortunately, they are sold out. But you can join the waiting list to find out when they get more of these keychains in stock. $12

Bates Motel T-shirt comes in light blue and light green from Tshirt Bordello for only $10

The Bates Motel T-shirt from Crazy Dog Tshirts for $13.59


This Morbid Enterprise’s Psycho Shower Curtain has a motion-activated audio box that plays music from the film. I’m not sure how well that works, but it’s a cool idea. $25.50 from Scifi Genre.

Crazy Psycho Shower Curtain by CustomShowerCurtains on Etsy for $60

WANT! Psycho, Collector Bates Motel Signis a light-up, life-size sign for everyone’s favorite remote motel.  Through Amazon for $28.53 has lots of Bates Motel accessories including ashtrays, mugs and soap dishes which would be perfect for a Psycho themed decor.


The Bates Mansion Model Kit is a 1:87 scale model (HO for you model railroad peeps) with a light that you can assemble and paint.  It even comes with a mini Mother Bates figure you can hide in the windwo.  I need this and someone to put it together and paint it for me so it looks good!  Round 2 Polar Lights Psycho – Bates Mansion through Amazon for $24.84


Mother Bates Decoration

Despite her untimely passing, Mother Bates is a dominant character in Psycho. And no Psycho display would be complete without her.  Find a corpsified skeleton, preferably mummied, add some whispy gray hair and set her up in a nightie, a cardigan and a rocking chair.

Corpsed Barney Skeleton Halloween Prop from Shop Anatomical for $171.50

Mummy with hair prop from Dapper Cadaver for $500 (also available to rent)


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  1. Barbara says:

    Course now that you mention it, you did have to do a Psycho post- almost inevitable. Would the mansion fit with Spooky Town? Need some taxidermy to make the decorations really creepy Psycho style.

  2. admin says:

    I’m not sure if the mansion is the right scale for Spooky Town. Spooky Town doesn’t really have an official scale and I haven’t seen the mansion model in person. You’re right, I neglected the taxidermy part of the decorations. Shame on me.

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