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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 22:32

Miniature Halloween Villages

Much like miniature Christmas villages, miniature Halloween villages have become a popular indoor decoration with Halloween enthusiasts.  Currently, the three main Halloween village makers are Lemax, Department 56, and Hawthorne Village.  The villages run the gamut between cute to creepy and there’s something for every decorator’s taste.  I should warn you, however, that this can easily become an addictive hobby.

Lemax Spooky Town

Lemax Spooky Town is my favorite miniature Halloween village.  Many of the Spooky Town buildings have lights, animated elements and even a soundtrack.  You can see videos of some of the effects on Lemax’s website.  Within the Spooky Town line there are different themes such as Western Ghost Town, Pirate, Carnival attractions and Egyptian.  There are tons of accessories and new pieces come out each year.

Lemax Phatom Station

Lemax Phatom Station for $54.99

Dark Haven Lodge for $54.99

Dark Haven Lodge for $54.99

Haunted Pyramid

Haunted Pyramid

Michaels craft stores are a good place to shop for Lemax Spooky Town.  While they do not stock all of the available pieces, they carry the newest ones and often offer discounts and coupons (in fact, I recommend not buying any Spooky Town products unless they’re marked at least 30% off since they are generally cheaper online without the discounts).  Every year Michaels offers some exclusive pieces.  Click here to see the five pieces available only at Michaels this year.

House of Wax Michael's Exclusive

House of Wax Michael's Exclusive

Flaming Skull Motorcycles Michaels Exclusive

Flaming Skull Motorcycles Michaels Exclusive

If you have a Menards near you, they often carry Spooky Town products starting in mid-September.  Websites that carry Lemax Spooky Town products:

Department 56

Department 56 is probably best known for its miniature Christmas villages, but they also make Halloween themed miniatures.  The buildings are porcelain and many pieces have working lights.  Halloween appropriate series include:

  • The Original Snow Village Halloween
  • Legend of Sleepy Hallow-een
  • Peanuts Halloween
  • The Wizard of Oz
Black Widow Dating Service House Lit with Purple LED lights

Black Widow Dating Service House Lit with Purple LED lights for $115

Monsters of the Deep aquarium (sea creatures rotate)

Monsters of the Deep aquarium (sea creatures rotate) for $125

Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary for $125

Croak-N-Haggard Mortuary for $125

Gothic Gate for $35

Gothic Gate for $35

The Department 56 website has a store locator to help you find stores in your area that carry their Halloween products.  Websites that Carry Department 56 Halloween Collectibles:

  • Amazon
  • Shop the Paper Factory site
  • Melody’s Choices site
  • Wooden Duck Shop site
  • Department 56 Mall site

Hawthorne Village Halloween Collections

Hawthorne Village offers an extensive collection of Halloween themed miniature villages, many taken from popular films.  The pieces are made of polyresin and the houses light up.  Hawthorne Village Collections are exclusively sold by Collectibles Today online.  Each village is offered as a subscription, with the option to buy the entire collection at once or in monthly installments.  Most of the villages have matching model trains and other accessories that you can add on.

The current Hawthorne Villages include:

  • Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Village Town Collection
  • Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride  Village Collection
  • Edward Scissorhands Halloween Village Collection
  • Scary Movie Halloween Village Collection
  • The Death Valley Rally Gothic Village Collection
  • Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Collectible Black Pearl Ghost Ship Collection
  • Disney Villains Halloween Village Collection
  • Winnie the Pooh’s Haunted Acre Halloween Village Collection
  • Universal Studios Monsters Halloween Village Collection
  • The Munsters Halloween Village Collection
  • Monster Mash Village Collection
  • John Deere Halloween Village CollectionM&Ms Halloween Village Collection
  • The Simpsons Collectible Halloween Village Collection
  • Wizard of Oz Collectible Lighted Village Collection

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Village Collection



Hawthorne Halloween Pooh Village Piglet's Not So Haunted Mansion

Hawthorne Halloween Pooh Village Piglet's Not So Haunted Mansion

Another good place to look for all of these collections is Ebay.  Just be careful to check shipping rates before you bid or buy because some sellers want as much to ship the building as you’re paying for the building itself.

Since the villages are made of different materials and come in different approximate scales, I don’t think they mix well.  Of course, it’s a personal choice.


5 Responses to “Miniature Halloween Villages”

  1. Barbara says:

    The Monsters of the Deep building is neat and I like the theme idea as well- probably cause they use Pirates of the Carribbean and Tim Burton – two personal favorites.

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  3. Jo says:

    Do you have a list of the 2010 Michaels Lemax Spooky Town exclusives yet, since when I hit the link it said 0. Thanks

  4. katrina says:

    I tried to contact hawthorne village about these sets, they said they are not offering the corpse bride set or the disney villians halloween village. They do still have the nightmare before christmas halloween village but no longer carry the christmas version. they still have the munsters set and the horror film classics set. Hope this helps you guys. I’m just starting my halloween village this year and was a bit sad about not being able to get the corpse bride set I really want it.

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