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Saturday, December 20, 2014 10:10

Potion Halloween Decorations

There are few things more sinister than a dusty shelf filled with homemade brews where each bottle and jar is stuffed with malevolent intentions.  Potions offer limitless possibilities for Halloween decor.

For diy decorators, there are tons of options from designing or hand creating your own labels to buying digital labels online to print at home or even pre-made stickers.  For the bottles themselves, I recommend checking Michaels crafts or any hobby store or doing an online search for apothecary bottles.

And for those people who prefer to buy their decorations finished, there are options for that as well.  This post should have everything you need to start stocking your evil apothecary.

Potion Labels

Love Manor has posted many potion labels on their Flickr stream free for personal use.

The Haunting Grounds website has potion jar and bottle labels free to print for personal use.

Etsy seller magicpug created this digital collage of potion labels for you to print and use on handmade items. There’s some great stuff in here including Pickled Eyeballs and Werewolf Hair Rejuvenator. Great set, $4.50.

Another Etsy seller with a selection of vintage inspired potion labels that you can download and print is chocolaterabbit. I like this set of Vintage Halloween Witch ones, $5.75, but you should check the shop for all the Halloween goodies.

These Halloween Themed Bottle Labels have a kind of 1970s psychedelic witchy feel. From Party Supplies Delivered, $3.99 for a pack of 12.

Etsy seller Midnitemuse created these 4 Witchy cabinet bottle labels for bath salts, but now offers the labels only as a set for $4. I like the simple but dark designs. I didn’t see the bath salts in the shop, so if you want the bottles too, you should contact Midnitemuse.

Spooky Bottle Stickers from Spirit Halloween turn any alcohol bottle into a deadly concoction, $3.99. I like the Embalming Juice and the Sulfur Elixir stickers.

Halloween potion

Also available from Spirit Halloween are these Creepy Wine Glow Slap Stickers that glow in the dark. A set of 8 colorful stickers for $4.99.  While they’re intended to dress up your wine bottles for a Halloween party, I think these could easily be incorporated into a potion display.

Lacybella created these vinyl bottle stickers with a mischievous sense of humor. They come in three sizes and different colors, starting at $15 for four stickers (bottles not included).

Potion Bottles

Make and Takes has a great tutorial on creating these aged potion bottles from old bottles around the house and free labels she found online. Since the bottles are spray painted an opaque color, they don’t need to be filled. They look like milky death!

This is so cute. (What can I say? My measure for cute may be different than other peoples). Etsy seller AmFatallyYours has many potion bottles including this Spider Venom bottle covered in spider webs. Great idea, $8.

Etsy seller Farmers Apothecary has some fantastic potion bottles including Eye of Newt and Deadly Nightshade for $15 each.  The details inside each container elevate these above other similar containers.

Dead Spider is an Etsy seller with a wondrous array of potion bottles. Unfortunately Dead Spider is currently on vacation, but you can sign up to be notified when they return and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Etsy seller pbleu, Cajun Moon, offers a selection of Potion Bottle Stickers and Potion Bottle props with great titles such as “Nightmare Nosteum” and “Fur of Werewolf”. 12 Halloween Potion Bottle Sticker Labels Set A shown (left) $12.99 and 5 Potion Bottles Props (right) $29.99

6 Vintage Remedies Bottles from Dapper Cadaver for $60 (or get one for $15)

The only thing I don’t like about these Potion Jars with Glittered Stoppers is that you can’t remove the fun stoppers to fill the bottles with something eerie. I like the colorful designs though. Set of four potion jars from Christmas Traditions for $59.99 (just scroll a little bit down the page).

Spellbooks and Accessories


Christy Buonomo posted an excellent tutorial for an open spell book on her blog, Through My Looking Glass.  She bought a $2 book at Goodwill, painted and distressed the edges, added a black ribbon and spray mounted on pages she designed on photoshop.  For the full tutorial, visit her blog.

potion book

Etsy seller beyondthepoisonapple created this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired recipe book prop, $44.95. The book comes from Sally’s kitchen and includes a “scrumptious” worm’s wart soup recipe. Love it! Check out her Etsy shop for fun potion bottles to fill out the scene.

This Book of Spells prop from Halloween Asylum is battery operated. The skull’s eyes light up and change color. $16.99

Potions Apron from Gravestone Artwear for $19.95 has symbols of the eight Wiccan Sabbaths and the seasons.


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