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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 16:26

Raven Accessories and Decorations for Halloween

Cunning, dark and glossy — ravens are my favorite birds.  Technically referring to larger bodied Corvus, the crow family of birds, there are actually several different kinds of ravens.  But for the purposes of this post, I wasn’t concerned with accuracy so much as dark and dreary feathered friends.

Raven Accessories:

The Raven Bag created by everOctober from Zazzle for $10.10 (design available on other products as well)

Raven Story Ending Glass Tile Pendant by artalot on Etsy for $14.99

Victorian Raven Earrings by Fable and Fury on Etsy also come in red and silver, or as a necklace (which I have and love). Earrings are $19 a pair.

Raven Choker by ADelicateWorld on Etsy for $21.95

Raven Poe Bag in black by Jaenne from Zazzle for $27.25

The Raven Alchemy Gothic Necklace through Amazon for $59

Raven Decorations:

Primitive Block Set by frommyheartprims on Etsy for $12.99

Crow Pumpkin Spooky Halloween Color Changing LED Lights from Suwanee on Bonanza for $19.95

Raven on Skull Statue from Myth and Legend Collectibles for $21

Peering Raven statue from Gorey Details for $24. They also have Standing Raven and Turning Raven, each $24.

Crow Coir Doormat from Porchscapes for $25

The Raven's Perch Zombie Statue from Design Toscano's Amazon webstore for $27.96

Black Crows from Pottery Barn, the one with spread wings is larger and costs $29, the smaller on is only $6

Ewwww.... Raven's Nest with Eyeball Latex Prop from Haunted Props for $38.77

Black Crow birds on Pumpkins Figurines from Mister Nostalgia's Amazon Webstore for $39

Beware Tombstone from Grandin Road for $69


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  1. Barbara says:

    So the beginning of this post is not really fair since I want just about everything shown. I like the decorations too especially the pumpkin light and the raven on the skull. Have to give it all some thought it would seem.

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