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Friday, December 19, 2014 11:07

Raven Accessories and Decorations for Halloween

Cunning, dark and glossy — ravens are my favorite birds. ┬áTechnically referring to larger bodied Corvus, the crow family of birds, there are actually several different kinds of ravens. ┬áBut for the purposes of this post, I wasn’t concerned with accuracy so much as dark and dreary feathered friends.

Raven Accessories:

The Raven Bag created by everOctober from Zazzle for $10.10 (design available on other products as well)

Raven Story Ending Glass Tile Pendant by artalot on Etsy for $14.99

Victorian Raven Earrings by Fable and Fury on Etsy also come in red and silver, or as a necklace (which I have and love). Earrings are $19 a pair.

Raven Choker by ADelicateWorld on Etsy for $21.95

Raven Poe Bag in black by Jaenne from Zazzle for $27.25

The Raven Alchemy Gothic Necklace through Amazon for $59

Raven Decorations:

Primitive Block Set by frommyheartprims on Etsy for $12.99

Crow Pumpkin Spooky Halloween Color Changing LED Lights from Suwanee on Bonanza for $19.95

Raven on Skull Statue from Myth and Legend Collectibles for $21

Peering Raven statue from Gorey Details for $24. They also have Standing Raven and Turning Raven, each $24.

Crow Coir Doormat from Porchscapes for $25

The Raven's Perch Zombie Statue from Design Toscano's Amazon webstore for $27.96

Black Crows from Pottery Barn, the one with spread wings is larger and costs $29, the smaller on is only $6

Ewwww.... Raven's Nest with Eyeball Latex Prop from Haunted Props for $38.77

Black Crow birds on Pumpkins Figurines from Mister Nostalgia's Amazon Webstore for $39

Beware Tombstone from Grandin Road for $69


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  1. Barbara says:

    So the beginning of this post is not really fair since I want just about everything shown. I like the decorations too especially the pumpkin light and the raven on the skull. Have to give it all some thought it would seem.

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