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Thursday, December 18, 2014 11:14

Upon a Midnight Dreary Podcast #7: Vega

art show opening

This photo of Stefanie Vega, left, wearing the bird-cage hat, was taken from Lisa Derrick’s coverage of the opening of “Girls Doin’ It” at the Loft in Los Angeles in September, 2012 for Cartwheel Blog.

Stefanie Vega

The Handless Maiden, aka The Poor Bargain. This is Vega’s second major exploration of the allegory of the Handless Maiden, who sacrifices more than she should have. ┬áVega makes all her cages by hand.

Stefanie Vega doll

Olivia’s Distraction, though her feet are bound and sore, Olivia is enchanted to distraction by the bird in the cage.

Stefanie Vega, doll, cage

The prideful, King Krow

Stefanie Vega, doll, taxidermy

Lucy Deer

doll, Stefanie Vega, Oscar Wilde, heart

The Refuge of Sorrow was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s tale “The Nightingale and the Rose,” Vega’s favorite story.

A million thank you’s to Vega for graciously hosting me and being on this podcast. Please visit Vega’s website to see more of her exquisite creations.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Have to love Vega as a fellow Oscar Wilde fan and the creator of Olivia- what a great piece. Agree about the suit- some assumption of risk there. Not sure that the solution of never meeting anyone helps- those may be the people who die and are eaten by their cats.

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