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Saturday, December 20, 2014 20:58

Announcing the Upon a Midnight Dreary Book Club

Upon a Midnight Dreary is officially launching a creepy book club today.  At least for the first book, club activity will take place on this site and in a Facebook group.

To participate in discussions, click on the BOOK CLUB page link on the right side of this page. Then go into the Forum with the book title and select which section of the book you wish to comment on. There are many options to register and participate in the Forum.

The Facebook Group Page will feature announcements and highlights. Then on Thursday, May 31, we will have a group chat at a time to be determined.

Our first book is A Dark Dividing by Sarah Rayne.

According to Publishers Weekly: “Journalist Harry Fitzglen is unimpressed when he’s sent to profile a new London artist named Simone Anderson. When Harry begins digging into Simone’s past, however, he discovers that her twin sister, with whom she once was conjoined, mysteriously vanished years ago. As Harry’s interest in Simone grows, the story branches into several separate tales: in addition to Harry’s present-day investigation, there is the story of another set of conjoined twins, Viola and Sorrel Quinton, born in London 80 years earlier; Simone’s own history with her twin, Sonia, and her mother, Melissa, dating to the 1980s; and the parallel plot of a novel that Harry uncovers during his research, The Ivory Gate, published in the 1900s. Rayne writes in a semiformal style that evokes turn-of-the-last-century England and lends the novel an appropriately gothic atmosphere. Well-drawn characters reveal themselves through thoughts and actions more than dialogue, as Rayne favors extensive narration over banter. Still, Rayne has crafted a memorable novel with the right mix of suspense, horror and emotion.”

UK novelist Sarah Rayne is known for dark psychological thrillers.  It seems that the book was written in 2004, but only released in 2011 for US audiences.  This is a new novel and a new author for me and I’m excited to share the twists and turns along with you.

A Dark Dividing is available on Amazon as a paperback book for only $8.12 and a Kindle download for $9.99.  If you are going to order from Amazon, I would appreciate if you’d click through one of of my links to help support this site through no additional cost to you!

If you want to join the Facebook group, you can message me, Dahlia Jane, through Facebook; find the Upon a Midnight Dreary Group on Facebook and ask to join, or leave a comment with your Facebook name under this post and I will add you.  You can participate in the discussion on this site as you read at your own pace, by clicking on BOOK CLUB in the toolbar on the right side of this page.

I’m really looking forward to this little experiment and I hope you’ll play with me!


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  2. Barbara says:

    Book club – I’m in as far as I can be. Let the reading commence.

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