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Friday, December 19, 2014 02:17

Corsets for Men

Ahhh delicious androgyny. Historically corsets have never been as popular with men as with women (low tolerance for pain?), but male corsets did enjoy brief fads with groups like the 1830s European dandies. They can create an elegant and elongated waistline for men and add interest to dark ensembles. Here is a roundup of sources for made-to-measure male corsets:

Aristocrat Leather V-Shaper from Dracula Clothing for 120 Euro is custom made to your measurements.

Etsy seller Meschantes Corsetry custom makes this corset to flatter the male figure for $179

Custom Men's Corset by Bizarre Boudoir on Etsy for $215

Los Angeles' Exquisite Restraint Corsets makes custom corsets for men including this TG Underbust starting at $295.

Brute Force Studios custom makes a Gentleman Corset starting at $319

Etsy seller The House of Canney custom makes this Steampunk Suspender Corset for $350.

Amsterdam fetish wear company Breathcatchers offers two leather corsets for men, the Male Corset for 270 Euros and the High Wire Male Corset for 295 Euros


4 Responses to “Corsets for Men”

  1. Barbara says:

    The first one is cool – more of a vest than otherwsie. The others are right out.

  2. Harry says:

    Those are gorgeous :) I prefer the more feminine styled ones contrasted with masculine clothing

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