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Saturday, November 22, 2014 23:57

Scary Doll Halloween Costume

Feminine Dolls


Jessica Jackson portrays a broken porcelain doll at SpookyWorld in Boston in 2009 via the Boston Globe

I love the stitch makeup around the mouth!  Photo by XxYPsYcHoBaByXxX on Deviant Art

D.O.L.L by blackfantastix on Deviant Art (the red eye is a digital effect, but you could achieve it with special effects contacts)

Annie B from Quebec made this Living Dead Doll Costume, she describes how on Coolest Homemade Costumes site (hint, the white covering her skin is achieved with two pairs of opaque white tights)

Costumes to Buy:

Your doll can be dressed up however you want, but I like the Victorian or Antique inspired look the best for a horror doll.  Check out thrift stores and flea markets.  There are plenty of Gothic Lolita dresses to choose from, but it’s too late to order from any of the made-to-order import sites for this year’s Halloween.

Ebay seller ling_lam2005 has a good selection of inexpensive lolita type dresses including this Dolly Gothic party dress for only $29.99

Ebay can be a great source for old looking goth fashions like this Heavy Red Chastity Bow Tie Dress in Medium, sold by Rock Cherry Clothing for $45

Rag Doll Costume from Forplay Catalog for $49

Nocturnal Treasures has lots of Gothic Lolita inspired fashion that would be good for a doll costume including this Black and White Lolita Dress for $87.49

I saw some big bow headbands in Claire’s at the mall last week.  Forever 21 also has some very inexpensive accessories that would be perfect for a doll costume.

The Big Black Bow head wrap from Etsy seller BeSomethingNew for $30

Black Baby Doll Wig from Halloween Costume Shop for $13.99

Paper Magic Women’s Gothic Rag Doll Wig Costume, Black/Red, One Size through Amazon for $9.99

Demonia Charade platform shoes from Sinister Soles for $42.99

3″ Heel Black Double Straps Bow PU Lolita Shoes from Nocturnal Treasures for $69.99

Etsy seller BehindTheMaskStudio creates eerie cracked doll masks like this Broken Doll Full Face Mask 2 for $125

Add some over-the-top fake eyelashes to enhance the unreal quality like these Dear Laura Pa Eyelashes Girly Doll Eye-11 from Beauty Beauty for $6.50

Masculine Dolls


Chucky, do I really need to explain? Hopefully none of my dolls will ever be possessed by a sadistic killer.

This is the ventriloquist dummy from the 2007 horror film, Dead Silence, but all ventriloquist dummies give me the creeps. It’s their eyes.

There’s a little girl in that voodoo doll costume, but it’s definitely unisex. Read how it’s made on Coolest Homemade Costumes.

Costumes to Buy:

Ragged Doll Mask from Halloween31 for $12.49

The only time I think an adult male should be wearing overalls is part of a costume. These are from JC Penney and start at $29.99

Officially Licensed Chucky Costume from 80s Tees for $29.99 (wow that mask is awful, see the one below)

Chucky Mask from Annies Costumes for $39.95

Ventriloquist Dummy Collector Halloween Mask from the Horror Dome for $49.99

Here is a good tutorial by Goldie Starling on doing makeup.  For boys, you can skip the eyelashes.

YouTube Preview Image

I thought it would be easier to find a vaudeville type suit for a ventriloquist dummy costume, but I haven’t had a lot of luck.  You can wear an old tuxedo or hobo type clothes.  I did find this next costume which would make a good Victorian doll.

costume suit

Dickens’ Caroler Men’s Costume Suit from Ebay seller justathome for $129.99

For a voodoo doll costume I would start with a white, flesh or cream colored jumpsuit

Start with this jumpsuit from My Jumpsuit which comes in white or tan for $49.95

A hood like this should be a cinch to make (it should match the jumpsuit as much as possible) or you can buy this one from Halloween Mart for $6.99. I would add some black yarn hair to the top.

You can add a heart applique to the jumpsuit chest (should be easy to find at any craft store).  Then you need some props to stick into the voodoo doll.  One way to make giant pins is to get one of these foam nail props and glue a brightly colored foam ball to the top.  You can also wrap pencils in duck tape and add foam balls or round eraser caps to the ends.

nail prop

Giant fake bloody nail prop from Brands on Sale for $9.99

Nail Thru Head Prop from Amazon for $10.99

Details like bloody gloves, weapon props or an extra-sinister smile will sell any scary doll costume.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Never going to look at dolls the same way again. The stitched mouth make-up is really good and could translate to other types of costumes too I think.

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