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Friday, December 19, 2014 07:17

Swamp Monster and Sea Monster Costumes

Looking at the photo above (via Nola Nate’s Flickr), it’s harder for me to imagine that there aren’t swamp monsters lurking in the depth than that there are.  I expect a green scaly arm to burst through the placid surface at any moment.  And you already know I think a lot of the stuff living in the ocean is terrifying.  Given my fears, I thought it would be appropriate to do a roundup of swamp monster and sea monster costumes for Halloween.


Swamp Thing costume via Kowabunga (from a 2005 con)

This is so fantastic! Sea Monster by Shit-face-sheree via Deviant Art

This makeup would be perfect for a swamp monster. Amazon by Shelly Raven via Deviant Art

Swamp Thing via Mikey Brick's Flickr

To make the costume on the right, rip strips of green cloth in various hues and affix them to green clothing. It would look even better with some face paint. I thought these were both swamp creatures, but the caption says the one on the left is Chewbacca. from Mare 22's Flickr

If I was going to make a sea or swamp monster costume, I would start with a base of black, green, blue or purple, preferably something with spandex in it that had kind of a slick, shiny, wet-looking surface.  Then I would go crazy draping tons of stuff over it to make it look like I’d just wrestled my way out of the water.  Go to a craft store and collect: strips of fabric, textured yarn, cloth leaves, shell beads, vase fillers and stick on crystals.  If you’ve got mad skills, you might consider creating tentacle armatures with wire, stuffing and fabric.

Here is a seriously cool sea monster makeup tutorial:

YouTube Preview Image

Costumes and Accessories for Sale

Swamp Monster Ghillie Suit from Airsoft Atlanta for $69.99

Swamp Thing Costume comes with woodland camouflage ghillie suit and face paint and black jungle boots from Army Navy Deals for $218.50

Deep Sea Creature Mask available for $74.99 and Webbed Gloves available for $34.99 from Meijer

Sea Creature Shirt Adult Halloween Costume (One Size Fits Most) from Amazon for $28.95

Creature from the Black Lagoon Feet available for $23.40 and Hands for $28.80 from Halloween Costumes 4 U

Swamp Monster Mask from Brands on Sale for $29.99

Sea Creature Halloween Mask from Amazon for $30.75

I don't know why this mask is so cheap, makes me a little nervous about quality, but it fits the theme so: Squid Vicious Mask from Grim Reapers for $14.99

Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask from Fantasy Festival for $119.72

For the Ladies:

Bet you didn't think I'd find a sexy Sea Monster option, this Latex Applique Tentacle Fetish Dress is seriously cool and custom made to your size by Collective Chaos on Etsy for $750

Use this as a base. Cotton Spandex Jersey Unitard from American Apparel comes in swamp and sea monster appropriate colors such as Forest Green, Navy and Eggplant for $32

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing green leaves and silver venetian style mask by Lady in the Tower on Etsy for $45

Sea Monster Earrings made from faux leather come in three colors by HashAndCheeze on Etsy for $12

Deceptions' tentacle earrings come in lots of colors like these black and green toxic avenger for $19

feathered green eyelashes

Feathered Green and Black Eyelashes from My Diva's Closet for $9

Hair Falls

Set of Four clip in Extensions in Mermaid Blue by Leper Queen on Etsy for $20

Neon Green Knotty Hair Falls from Mt Coffinz on Ebay for $40


4 Responses to “Swamp Monster and Sea Monster Costumes”

  1. Barbie says:

    I really like the squid monster mask- but you are right that is suspiciously inexpensive. I also like the make-up and false eyelashes. Pretty makeable costumes I think.

  2. Brandon says:

    I so want to be a sea monster when i grow up

  3. Lulu says:

    The weird purple mask is a (i think) Deep-one mask, from the H.P.Lovecraft imagination…

  4. erika says:

    i would give anything to be a rea live sexy sea monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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