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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 06:56

Gothic Summer 2014: Dark Swimsuits and Cover-ups to Die For

witch bathing suits black

From Left: 6 Shore Road Cabana One-Piece Swimsuit from Urban Outfitters for $138. Lisa Maree, His Queen Swimsuit from Shopbop for $220

black mesh bikini, abyss swim suit
From left: Anna Kosturova Mesh Halterkini from DollsKill for $145. And RVCA Abyss One Piece from Zappos for $68.


Both Urban Outfitters and DollsKill web stores carry the above two UNIF bathing suits (about $140 each). For the Six 66 One-Piece swimsuit (left), visit DollsKill or Urban Outfitters. For the Relic Bikini (right) visit DollsKill or Urban Outfitters. So, the second I saw the Unif Relic swimsuit, I was pretty much determined to have it. And through some clever webwork I got it at a discount (still more than I should be spending on a bathing suit — but it’s like THE dream witchy suit and GOTHIC SUMMER BITCHES).


From left: The Stripe Print Lace High Waist 2 piece from AmiClubWear for $39.99. And The Dive for Excellence Bikini in black and white from Modcloth for $34.99 for the top and $23.99 for the bottom.

black and red swimsuits
From left: Exene Swimsuit by Rat Baby from AngryYoungandPoor on sale for $28.99. And SWIM NOIR Insidious Temptation Red and Black one-piece swimsuit from Heavy Red for $86.


Simplicity bikini cover up in mesh skull pattern w/ drawstring waist available in black or white from Amazon starting at $19.99.

From left: 62″x45″ Pentacle Pentagram Purple Rayon Sarong Skirt from Ebay seller spira_mirabilis for $15.29. And Skull Pareo Beach Scarf from Etsy seller ScarfClub for $17.90.

crochet cover ups

From left: Crochet Black and White Dress, Skirt or Bathing Suit Cover from Etsy seller HeadsToTails for $85.  And Melissa Odabash’s Elizabeth lightweight crocheted kaftan from Net-a-Porter, on sale now for $269.50.


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  1. Barbara says:

    I do like the first four that you show. Why are these things so expensive- makes it a pain to try to collect them for sure.

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