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Friday, December 19, 2014 17:02

Martha Rotten Jewelry

Martha Rotten, pewter, Etsy, mermaid, baby doll

So freaking horror-adorable!  MerBaby Post Earrings, $28

When my friend DC Megan showed me her dead MerBaby earrings, I knew I’d have to feature the designer in a blog post (and possess those sinister earrings, but even when I threatened to slice off her ears DC Megan refused to let me have them.) I’m actually pretty mad she told me about Martha Rotten Jewelry, because on further inspection, I desperately want the whole damn collection.

Quirky, original and a little twisted, Marth Rotten Jewelry is handcrafted lead-free pewter jewelry by Francene Yorko.  Her designs draw from memento mori inspirations, taxidermy styles and bizarre assemblage.  But they’re subtle and feminine.  You have to lean in and look at the details to realize you’re looking at pewter-cast animal parts or doll arms or wisdom teeth.  I LOVE IT!

pewter, Martha Rotten, Etsy

I cannot resist a crowned skull and this is one of the coolest I’ve seen.  NEED it!  Crowned Skull Necklace, $62

Martha Rotten, Etsy

Love this!  Crow Feet Heart Necklace, $72


Nom nom, Dinner Bunny Necklace, $65

pewter, Etsy, face

This is incredibly haunting and divine!  NEED it!  5 Station Victorian Baby Necklace, $92

pewter, Martha Rotten, Etsy

So cool!  Cat Jaw Necklace, $92

To shop Martha Rotten’s collection, visit the Etsy shop.


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