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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 10:06

Microdermal Anchor Body Piercing

Microdermal anchor piercings on the upper chest and face (along with nose and lip rings) via Best Photos War

Often used to accentuate tattoos, microdermal piercings look like a stud or bead on your skin.  Developed as a process between the short-lasting surface piercings and the more intense transdermal implants, this relatively new technique has taken the body art world by storm.  I love the possibilities they offer for adding sparkles to almost any part of the body.

See the microdermal piercings in the birds' eyes? Hot! photo via Grinn & Barrett Tattoo on Flickr

Cheek piercings via jasper4420 on Flickr

Cute! Star microdermal anchor piercing via espoirfaux on Deviant Art.

Neck microdermal anchor piercings via kirif1 on Flickr

Hip piercings via youaretheone on Deviant Art

Two examples of lower back microdermal anchor piercings via Body Piercings

Here are the two jewelry components before they are placed under the skin. The first piece on the left is the post that the gem attaches to above the skin. The middle piece is the flat anchor that goes under the skin. And on the right you see the two pieces screwed together.

An experienced piercer will use a dermal punch to break through the skin and create a pocket where the anchor will sit.  (A dermal punch is a round needle that takes out a small chunk of skin, like a biopsy —  a regular piercing needle separates the skin).  This type of piercing may be less painful but result in more bleeding than other types of piercing since the hole made is bigger than the body jewelry.  The piercing will usually heal within a month, but may take as long as three months.  When the skin around the anchor has healed, the gem or screw head can be switched out.  Though it may be too soon to tell, this type of jewelry seems much less likely to be rejected than surface piercings (meaning your cells won’t attack the jewelry and force it up out of the hole and close the hole).  Most studios charge between $40 and $60 per microdermal piercing.

If you’re considering microdermal anchor piercings, you should be aware of certain risks.  Depending on placement, there is a chance that your body will reject this type of piercing.  Sometimes they migrate and scarring can result. While the top component can be changed, the jewelry anchor has to be professionally removed.  Once it’s removed, there will be scarring.  This can be especially noticeable on the face.


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    Can’t really tell you how unappealing all of this is to me. Don’t understand it and would never want it.

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