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Sunday, December 21, 2014 01:24

SOVRIN Apparel on Etsy

SOVRIN, Etsy, sleeveless hood, goth, black, skeleton creature

DROOL, The Witching Hour Tank in black, $60.  This tank is hand-sewn and screen printed with a design of a bat/bird creature surrounded by Occult symbols.  The model is also wearing the Rune Sword Leggings, $35.

I’m currently obsessed with the designs in SOVRIN’s Etsy shop.  Perfect for the casual witch, SOVRIN’s apparel features screen-printed art work that celebrates animal anatomy and occult symbols.

The brand was formed in early 2012 when Kayla Garland realized that she couldn’t find clothes that expressed her style.  Everything in the shop is made-to-order in Kayla’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

“I prefer to do it by hand because I am able to have more creative freedom over where the print goes and how it’s done,” Kayla told me.  “I also feel it’s just more personalized then.”

SOVRIN’s designs are on the cutting edge of goth fashion — transforming any wearer into an instant rock star.  Their genius is in their chic minimalism and effortless wearability.

Even the name, derived from the word sovereign, evokes strength and force.

“I want people to feel powerful and invincible when wearing my clothing!” Kayla exclaimed.  “A lot of times I hear people say they feel like a warrior in SOVRIN….especially in the Sword leggings!”

sovrin, etsy, occult, black leggings

If I don’t get these Phases of the Moon Pentagram Leggings I am going to die (again). This design is also available printed on the back of the leggings, but I prefer the moons on the front so I can look down and see them when I’m standing around bored somewhere. Available for $35.

tank top, sovrin, apparel, occult, goth, screenprinted

Gorgeous! Need this too! Unisex Death Moth Tank in white. This design is also printed on black, cranberry and grey tanks. $15

sovrin, etsy, sweatshirt, silk screen, goth, black, apparel

Black Zip up unisex crystal moons hoodie, $50

Sovrin, etsy, black, goth, screen printed

Ram Skull Leggings, $35

sovrin, etsy, black, goth, minimalist, apparel, jacket

The Witching Hour Hoodie no-print, $90

This is one of those finds I’m loathe to share on the blog because  I want to be the only one wearing this stuff.  But, it’s some of the best goth fashion I’ve seen this year and Kayla deserves to be huge.  You’re all welcome.

For more information on SOVRIN or to order (one of everything for me), visit the Etsy shop.


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  1. barbara says:

    I believe my favorite is the black hoodie- perfect shape for witchery. thanks for putting this out there.

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