Illustrator Adrian Baxter reflects on occult teachings to embrace struggle in difficult times

In this interview, UK-based occult illustrator Adrian Baxter reflects on the benefits of struggle and self care during tough times.

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With the world in turmoil, artist Nick Morte reflects on the traumas that have stregthened him and informed his art

In this interview, painter and tattoo artist Nick Morte discusses his fight for art and asserts that country is greater than bureaucracy.

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Lethal Amounts owner Danny Fuentes talks innovating and risk taking during a pandemic

In this interview, Lethal Amounts owner Danny Fuentes discusses the challenges his events-based business has faced during the pandemic, how he's adapting.

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Artist Sarah Best talks about why her work is resonating with more people during the pandemic

In this interview, multidisciplinary sculptor and collage artist Sarah Best talks about why people have been more interested in her work depicting fractured bodies during the…

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Oddity-seeker and author J.W. Ocker says that weird finds a way, even in a pandemic

In this interview, author J.W. Ocker discusses how his life of seeking out weird and macabre travel destinations has changed during the pandemic.

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22 LGBTQ Artists Making Vital Contributions to the Dark Art Movement

This post showcases 22 LGBTQ artists in the fields of visual arts, music, film and published fiction whose work explores mortality, horror, existentialism, the occult and everyday…

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Magical artist Jennifer Parks emphasizes the importance of human connection during dark times

In this interview illustrator, ceramicist and tattoo artist Jennifer Parks discusses the necessity of human connection and the impermanence of everything.

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Artist Tyler Thrasher talks about using this time to focus on growth, activism

In this interview, artist Tyler Thrasher discusses how he is using his time during the pandemic to focus on personal growth and community activism.

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Black Artists Matter: 21 Black artists making dark art who you should know and support

This post lists 21 Black artists in the fields of visual arts, music, film and published fiction making exceptional and important contributions to the dark art movement.

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Multi-disciplinary dark artist Corviid talks about ritual and transformation during the pandemic

In this interview performer and visual artist Corviid opens up about transformational rituals and the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic.

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