Dark artist Chet Zar discusses the power of apocalyptic imagery and positive thinking in difficult times

In this interview, renowned artist Chet Zar discusses the power of dark art, building community and manifesting positivity in these difficult times.

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Dark artist Hanna Jaeun discusses her life in the epicenter of the pandemic

In this interview, dark artist Hanna Jaeun explains what her life in Brooklyn has been like during the pandemic and what's been inspiring her.

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Beebosloth discusses how his skeleton illustrations call forth the absurdity of life during the pandemic

In this interview, illustrator Beebosloth discusses how his skeleton underworld puts a humorous spin on a dark situation.

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Caroline Harrison’s drawings exploring vulnerabilities of the body are more relevant than ever during the pandemic

In this interview, artist Caroline Harrison discusses why her work is relevant during the pandemic and how she's helping ensure NYC cultural institutions will reopen.

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Outsider artist Justin Aerni talks about thriving in the current chaos

Outsider artist Justin Aerni has made a career of shaking things up. In this interview he talks about how he's thriving during the pandemic.

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Surrealist Jeff Christensen challenges you to think for yourself

In this interview, surrealist painter Jeff Christensen discusses how art helps people process and his fear that we're being funneled into an electronic reality.

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Dark Artist Stefanie Vega discusses giving voice to the shadow side

In this interview, mixed media dark artist Stefanie Vega shares wisdom about finding a path through darkness and suffering into light and acceptance.

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Drawinker DZO says there is no going back to normal now

In this provocative interview, artist DZO details how society's priorities need to change and why the underlying message of his art is nature's sacredness.

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Artist Caitlin McCormack discusses how her work explores memory in this historic time

In this interview, mixed media artist Caitlin McCormack discusses how exploration of memory in her artwork has been affected by the pandemic.

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