Painter Jody Fallon explains why great art balances love, darkness

In this interview dark artist Jody Fallon discusses why he's suited to solitude and the need for art to balance the dark and the light.

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Aunia Kahn describes how art is her lifeline in troubling times

With so many confined and conscious of health's fragility amidst the pandemic, artist Aunia Kahn discusses resilience, and how we might all benefit from creative play.

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Lowbrow artist Jeremy Cross talks productivity and disappointment during the pandemic

I caught up with dark low brow artist Jeremy Cross to talk art, social distancing, and how the Dark Art Emporium gallery is handling the pandemic.

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Brooke Weston discusses essential work, escaping the pandemic in her miniature worlds

At a time when people's worlds are shrinking, Brooke Weston describes her experiences as an essential worker and an artist whose work sets her free.

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Artist Dos Diablos’ explains that his striking creatures are not evil, but people can be

In this age of great enemies both seen and unseen, expressionist oil painter Dos Diablos challenges us to find empathy for beings that don't conform to rigid and misleading beauty…

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Dark artist Rachael Bridge feels like she’s living in a horror movie now

Horror-inspired oil painter Rachael Bridge's portraits transport the viewer to a menacing shadow realm. Unfortunately the pandemic makes that realm feel closer to the surface.

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Photographer John Charles works on self development in quarantine

Rock Photographer John Charles discusses anxiety, self reflection and why he's been processing group shots in quarantine.

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Painter Cory Benhatzel views pandemic as wake up call for people needing to change relationship to natural world

Artist Cory Benhatzel discusses how her interest in the occult and a conviction that the natural world is sacred serve her in the time of pandemic.

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Artist Clint Carney keeps busy with horror and music in self-quarantine

Clint Carney is a creative whirlwind. He discusss how painting, music and horror keep him company in self-quarantine.

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Passionate about science and art, surrealist Sandra Yagi reflects on Covid 19

Surrealist painter Sandra Yagi's surprising images draw from the past to challenge the viewer's conception of the present. Given her lifelong interest in science and the natural…

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