Lara Dann paints swirling portraits of strength

Painter Lara Dann discusses debuting solo show Sirens of the Zodiac at a time when galleries are closed.

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Dark Artist Shane Izykowski harnesses community to lighten artists’ load

Recognizing challenges artists are experiencing due to pandemic, Shane saw an opportunity to rally fellow creatives to launch the Covid Creative Convention.

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Necrosurrealist David Gough paints ‘Hell on Earth’ against the backdrop of a pandemic

Necrosurrealist oil painter David Gough brutally dredges up the toxic and detestable aspects of humanity in his work. With the pandemic voilently forcing many people to confront…

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Spinestealer discusses finding solace in artistic expression during the pandemic

The current pandemic has forced many people to reckon with the realization that health and well-being can be fleeting. Living with chronic health concerns, that knowledge is never…

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Master of the Macabre Paul Koudounaris talks life during Covid 19

Paul Koudounaris is an author and a photographer known for his compelling explorations of the macabre. He discusses how his life has changed since the spread of Covid 19 and…

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